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The Ultimate Tailgater

Imagine a tailgate party that includes six 55″ HD LCD TV’s.

Mad Dog’s Gamers Paradise mobile event trucks can make it a reality. They bring the game to your location*, so you and your friends can enjoy the game in comfort and style. In addition to the HD TVs, our rigs include a host, surround sound, air-conditioning, music, and more.

Events worthy of the Ultimate Tailgater

  • Superbowl
  • NFL Playoff Games
  • World Series
  • MLB Playoff Games
  • Stanley Cup Finals
  • NBA Playoff games
  • World Cup Soccer
  • Olympics
  • Oscar Night
  • UFC Fights
  • Boxing Events
  • NCAA Tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Season Finales

*Event must be televised on Directv and our dish must have a clear line of sight to the southern sky.
Excessive trees or buildings may block satellite signal. Please keep in mind when choosing location.