Terms and Conditions

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Parking: We will arrive a few minutes prior to your event to set up. We will need 40 feet (equivalent to about 4 car lengths) to park Mad Dog’s Gamers Paradise. It is the Event Contacts responsibility to ensure we have ample pull in, parking and pull out space at the address booked for the event. If we are to pull through any gates or under overhangs we will need 10 feet width and 12 feet height clearance. Additional time spent beyond the standard set up time waiting for vehicles to move, or parking Mad Dog’s Gamers Paradise at a location other than in front of the home or business will go against the booked time.

Games: The Event Contact is responsible for approving the video game selection (titles) and or ratings that are appropriate for the event attendees. Our game library holds a wide variety of games rated by the Entertainment Softwa Rating Board: E – Everyone E10 – Everyone 10 and older T – Teen M – Mature For more information on the ratings follow this link http://www.esrb.org/ratings/ratings_guide.jsp .

Cancellations: Event cancellations or date/time changes that occur within 14 calendar days from the scheduled event will be required to pay half of the event quote. Events that are canceled within 48 hours from the scheduled event, or where no one is present upon arrival at the address provided by the Event Contact, will be billed the full amount.

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